May 29, 2013
by hwpsspecialists

Clay faces in Prep

The students in Prep have had their first experience working with clay last week. The kids worked with clay tools to make a  portrait of themselves. Here is a picture of Sam and Austin painting their faces in water colour paint.

May 29, 2013
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Class Week 7

PD decorating their onsen picture

This week in the Japanese classroom, we are exploring about the “onsen” culture of Japan. We leant that “onsen” are naturally heated hot springs and they can be found almost everywhere in Japan because Japan is a¬†volcanically active country.

We know that there are many types of “onsen”, there are ones for your “ashi”(feet) and the outdoor ones with great scenic views are called “rotenburo” and if we don’t want to share one with other, we can rent a private “onsen” from a “ryokan”(traditional Japanese Inn). The Grade 5/6 even did a quiz on “onsen”! I am sure now they know lots about the characteristic of “onsen” and all the rules and procedures when entering an “onsen”. Do you remember which animal can survive in the cold winter relying on the “onsen” to keep them warm? If you can visit Japan one day, will you go to an “onsen”? Which one would you like to try?

5/6 A working on their onsen quiz

May 21, 2013
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Class Week 5+6

1/2C and 1/2 H working on their animal wordsearch


Last week in the Japanese classroom, Foundation and Grade 1/2 have been learning about animals and the sounds they make. The YouTube link can be accessed here:

This week, we played animals bingo and it was a great way for us to remember the animal names!

Grade 3/4 and 5/6 learnt how to say the months of the year last week, and this week we are learning how to say the dates of the month which is a little bit tricky! You can watch this YouTube link again to help you remember the irregular dates that don’t follow a pattern:

Don’t forget!! We can also sing the dates song to help us remember the irregular dates:





May 2, 2013
by hwpsspecialists
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