June 25, 2013
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Class End of Term 2

Grade 1/2 making “hebi” finger puppets for the year of the SNAKE 2013

Do you know the story of “Juunishi”? Mukashi…mukashi….Buddha asked all the animals to come see him. He said he had a special task for the first twelve animals who reached him. The animals ran as fast as they could, tricking each other along the way, in order to be one of the first twelve to arrive.  The first twelve animals were, in order: mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar. Each animal was given the task of being the special animal for a full year. For 12 months, the chosen animal would give meaning and personality to the year and his characteristics would be attributed to people born in that year.

You can watch the animal race by clicking onto the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn0W1sbQCWE

Since this year is the year of the snake, Grade 1/2 made snake finger puppets. Grade 3/4 and 5/6 learnt about their animal year and practiced asking each other “Which animal year are you born in?” in Japanese.


Nani doshi desu ka?

3/4 M working on their “juunishi” chart


June 14, 2013
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Class Week 8+9

1/2 D working on their shapes worksheet








Last week in the Japanese classroom, Foundation and Grade 1/2 leanrt about shapes! We know that “kaku” means corners and a triangle has 3 corners, so in Japanese, it is called a “san-kaku”. Therefore, it is easy for us to figure out that a square (which has 4 corners) is called a “shi-kaku”.

So… by applying the rule above, can you figure out how to say pentagon and hexagon?

This week, we played shapes bingo in class and it was a great way for us to remember the shapes as well as a good revision on colours! We also played a game called “The Silent Drawing Relay”.

Grade 3/4 and 5/6 learnt how to describe the weather during different seasons of the year. We played a game called “Pac-man” and we also looked at the weather forecast on http://www.weather.com.au/maps/forecast and made sentences in Japanese decribing the weather.

If you would like to watch the beautiful four seasons of Japan via YouTube again, then here is the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs5uTy8zFTA

Now tell me, which is your favourite season “haru”, “natsu”, “aki” or “fuyu” and why?

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