June 14, 2013
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Class Week 8+9

1/2 D working on their shapes worksheet








Last week in the Japanese classroom, Foundation and Grade 1/2 leanrt about shapes! We know that “kaku” means corners and a triangle has 3 corners, so in Japanese, it is called a “san-kaku”. Therefore, it is easy for us to figure out that a square (which has 4 corners) is called a “shi-kaku”.

So… by applying the rule above, can you figure out how to say pentagon and hexagon?

This week, we played shapes bingo in class and it was a great way for us to remember the shapes as well as a good revision on colours! We also played a game called “The Silent Drawing Relay”.

Grade 3/4 and 5/6 learnt how to describe the weather during different seasons of the year. We played a game called “Pac-man” and we also looked at the weather forecast on http://www.weather.com.au/maps/forecast and made sentences in Japanese decribing the weather.

If you would like to watch the beautiful four seasons of Japan via YouTube again, then here is the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs5uTy8zFTA

Now tell me, which is your favourite season “haru”, “natsu”, “aki” or “fuyu” and why?

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