May 20, 2014
by hwpsspecialists
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Japanese Term 2

This term all students are working hard on their various topics to better grasp the Japanese language and develop their cultural understanding.


This term foundation students will continue to develop their vocabulary and knowledge of Japan. They are focusing on learning to say and recognise numbers, greetings and colours in Japanese and becoming more aware of cultural festivals.

Grade 1/2

Students will learn to say and identify family members, pets and adjectives in Japanese this term. Grade 1/2 students will also learn to recognise and write various kanji characters.

Grade 3/4

This term grade 3/4 students will further broaden their Japanese vocabulary by learning to say various grammar patterns and developing a better awareness of Japan’s geographical location and cities.

Grade 5/6

Students have shown great commitment to learning hiragana characters this year and this will continue this term. Grade 5/6 students will also become more familiar with the Japanese vocabulary for continents and countries to guide them in better understanding the world around them.

May 15, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Grade 3-6 Recorders

This term we will be picking up our recorders again. Recorders help students understand how to read music notation. It is also an introductory instrument that may inspire them to take up another instrument. (ABC music classes in woodwind, brass, percussion, guitar and keyboard and Cathy- violin are available at a fee at HWPS. See the office for further details and brochures).

Please ensure you have a recorder at school ready to go in week 6. If you need to purchase a recorder “Music Junction” in Camberwell has student recorders for $10. They also have a wide range of ukuleles. Just let them know you are from HWPS.

May 13, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Celebrations


It has been a busy time in Japanese with various festivals being celebrated. Last week students developed a better understanding of Japanese Children’s Day and they had a chance to create their own carp fish kites. Children’s Day is celebrated as a national holiday every year on May the 5th in Japan, where children enjoy spending time with their family and friends.


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