June 20, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Letters – Grade 5/6

P1000839 Grade 5/6 students have been busy writing letters to our sister school in Japan. Students have written about themselves and their interests in Japanese, making sure to use correct Hiragana characters.

We hope to receive the letters from our Japanese sister school next term.

June 11, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Grade 3 and 4 Recorders

This week the grade 3 and 4’s are learning to consider the duration of a note when playing the recorder. They are learning about the symbols used to represent the length of time a note should be played. Keep up the great work everyone!

4 beats (semi breve),

3 beats (dotted minim),

2 beats (minim),

1 beat (crotchet)

1/8 beat (quaver = half of a crotchet) notes

June 6, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Impro drama – Grade 1 & 2

The students in grade 1 and 2 have been having a ball learning about improvisation in drama. They have played a variety of impro games that teach them to be in control of their face and body when they tell a spontaneous story. Last week we played “Funny Faces” and this week we took turns being puppeteers and puppets. We have been learning to warm up our mouth ready to speak with simple phrases that over-emphasize sounds eg. “Eat each green pea” (long e), “Ed said get ready”- short e. “It is in Italy” -short i, “I tried my kite”- long i.  Good actors know how to warm up before they perform!

June 5, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese – Foundation Vocab List

Numbers 1-10

ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, nana, hachi, Kyu, jyu.


Aka – red

Ao – blue

Orenji – Orange

Pinku – Pink

Murasaki – Purple

Midori – green

Kiiro – yellow

Shiro – white

Kuro – black

Chairo – brown


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