July 31, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Gr 3/4 Animators Advertise Aths Day

We further explored two iPad apps today in Art. Drawing Pad was used to create each photo or screen shot that made up our short movie advertising the upcoming Aths Day. One person was the animator and their job was to create one page whilst the photographer snapped each screen shot. Well done to 3/4KM and 3/4K for these impressive short ads. I liked how you all worked well in your groups to quickly make decision and have the projects completed in the short amount of time available.

3/4KM JAGE from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

3/4KM from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

3/4K from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

We are all very excited about the Aths Day carnival and wish everyone the very best of luck. Make sure you wear your House colours and be at school by 8:15am next Thursday.

July 31, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Term 3 Japanese Program


This term the focus for Foundation students will be on developing vocabulary with the topics being fruits, vegetables and farm animals. Students will engage with technology and sing songs to help them grasp the new words and themes.

Grade 1/2

Grade 12s will be learning new vocabulary this term for months and seasons and they will also be developing their writing and understanding of Kanji characters.

Grade 3/4

Students will be learning to say and understand numerous classroom commands this term through role plays and other technology. Grade 34s will also develop their reading and writing of Hiragana Characters.

Grade 5/6

The Grade 56s will go through all lines of Hiragana Characters this term with the focus being on ten tens. Students will make good use of ICT programs such as Quizlet and other IPad apps to better Hiragana writing and stroke order.

July 31, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

PE Term 3 Update

Students will be participating in activities that introduce them to the skills of leaping, jumping, skipping, catching, throwing and running.
We will use equipment including running ladders, varied sized balls, catching scoops, skipping ropes, rebound nets and bean bags.
Level 1 & 2:
Students will be participating in introductory Athletic skills including: sprints, long & high jump, modified hurdles and throwing. We will be looking into running a modified Athletics Day for Level 1 & 2 in Term 4.
Some grade 2 students will also be participating at Hoop Time Mini’s at MSAC on 15th September.
Level 3-6:
Students will be training and participating at the HWPS Athletics Day on Thursday 7th August. Select students will then have the opportunity to represent HWPS @ Kew District Athletics Day on 29th August. Over the course of Term 3 Students will also be participating in a variety of games in PE lessons that incorporate fitness, fundamental motor skills and teamwork. Some students across 3-6 will progress to Regional Hoop Time and Boroondara Division Football, TBall and Netball.

July 29, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

New Concert Finale song

Last term, the students voted for the Concert Finale song and whilst we all loved the idea of singing Firework, we all agreed that it was too hard to learn to sing. So we have a new song to learn in a short amount of time.

Watching the Voice kids has been an inspiration for many. So here is the official version from The Madden Brothers – We are done.

We hope you enjoy listening to our version as our concert finale song.

July 27, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Gr 3/4 Visual/ Media Arts update

Stop Motion Studio appHello Grade 3/4 Families! We have begun a new style of Art this term called Animation. Check out our HWPS Art Blog later this term to see what cool art work we can create using an iPad app called Stop Motion Studio.

We can’t wait to begin our projects, but for now, we’re just exploring what the app can do and learn how to take great photos using the iPads. 

We have already learned we need to keep the camera still so the photos are  not blurred. We have also learned the camera needs to be in the same position – or it becomes too jumpy. I wonder what our projects will be? Leave us a comment of two with some suggestions.

Animation fun from Melinda Airey on Vimeo.

July 19, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Splash of Colour – HWPS Concert

Splash of ColourOur School Concert this year has a theme of a Splash of Colour. The students have really enjoyed their first 2 dance lessons with Georgia Lombard and the excitement is building!

We will need to make some costumes for certain grades which will be completed in their Art class. A notice will be emailed next week outlining what is required and the date to have items at school. (1st August)

Foundation T and Gr 1/2C students: Please bring a pair of white canvas shoes to school that will be painted blue and covered in glitter. Click here for an example of the shoes which can be purchased from Target for $5.00. Make sure they are clearly labelled.

Grade 1/2D & 1/2S: Please bring a black T-shirt with your name clearly labelled. We will be making pink Cadillacs in Art that will be sewn on the front.

Grade 1/2E & 1/2L: Please bring a white T-shirt with your name clearly labelled. We will be making red balloons in Art that will be sewn on the front.

All other costumes are supplied by Georgia for the concert.

If you are able to assist with some light sewing for the costumes, please come and see Melinda in the Art room. Thank you!

July 19, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Welcome to Term 3

We welcome Kate Llewellyn to our Specialist team for Term 3 whilst Melanie takes her well deserved Long Service Leave. Please come and say hello and introduce yourself to Kate next time you are at HWPS. We know the students will enjoy the music lessons Kate has prepared.

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