October 29, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Day

Japanese Day

Thursday 13th of November (Week 6)

Obento Lunch

Free Dress Day

Japanese Day will be held on Thursday the 13th of November. Orders for an obento lunch including vegetarian options are available on trybooking until the close of the 6th of November.

This Japanese Day will also be a free dress day and students are encouraged to wear any Japanese themed clothing or a splash of Japanese colours such as red and white.

October 28, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Sister School News

Kamariya our Japanese sister school is currently in the process of creating a DVD to showcase to our school. The DVD is being created by their grade 1/2s, which depicts a famous Japanese folktale. Their grade 6 students will also be sending us catalogues and other information of their school via mail. We hope to receive these items in the next few weeks.


October 13, 2014
by hwpsspecialists

Term 4 in Japanese


This term the focus for Foundation students will be on developing vocabulary with the topics of zoo animals and foods. Students will also be introduced to Hiragana characters and they will learn more about Japanese folk tales and customs.

Grade 1/2

Grade 12s will be learning new vocabulary this term for weather, adjectives and time. Students will also be developing their writing and understanding of Kanji and Hiragana characters.

Grade 3/4

This term students will learn more about Japanese sports. Grade 34s will also continue working on their reading and writing of Hiragana Characters.

Grade 5/6

Grade 56s will be revising all Hiragana Characters this term. Students will also develop their understanding of the Japanese school system as we hope to skype our sister school.

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