April 27, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Grade 3/4 Japanese Topic and Vocab List Term 2

For this term, students will be furthering their knowledge and vocabulary of Japanese festivals. Students will also be developing their Hiragana reading and writing skills of the first four lines.

Japanese Festivals

まつりmatsuri – Festival

ひなまつりhina matsuri – Girl’s Day

こどものひ kodomo no hi – Children’s Day

たなばた tanabata – Star Festival

はなみ hanami – Cherry Blossom Festival

おぼん obon – Festival of the Dead


Hiragana Writing Script

A Line – あ、い、う、え、お             (a, i, u, e, o)

Ka Line – か、き、く、け、こ           (ka, ki, ku, ke, ko)

Sa Line – さ、し、す、せ、そ           (sa, shi, su, se, so)

Ta Line – た、ち、つ、て、と           (ta, chi, tsu, te, to)

April 27, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Grade 1/2 Japanese Term 2

This term students will be learning to introduce themselves by saying their name, age and zodiac sign. They will also be learning to say and recognise the Kanji symbols for days of the week.

Name – My Name is…

(Girls use) わたしは_______です。Watashiwa name desu.

(Boys use) ぼくは_______です。Bokuwa name desu.


Age – My Age is…

(6yrs old)  六さいです。roku saidesu

(7yrs old) 七さいです。nana saidesu

(8yrs old) 八さいです。has saidesu

(9yrs old) 九さいです。kyu saidesu


Zodiac Sign – My Zodiac Sign is…

(6yrs old)  うしどしです。ushi doshi desu.

(7yrs old) ねずみどしです。nezumi doshi desu.

(8yrs old) ぶたどしです。buta doshi desu.

(9yrs old) いぬどしです。inu doshi desu.


Days of the Week

日曜日Sunday – nichi youbi

月曜日Monday – getsu youbi

火曜日Tuesday – ka youbi

水曜日Wednesday – sui youbi

木曜日Thursday – moku youbi

金曜日Friday – kin youbi

土曜日Saturday – do youbi

April 27, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Foundation Japanese Topics and Vocab Lists

Foundation students will be learning more of the basics in Japanese this term. They will learn to count to ten, recognise the Kanji symbols for numbers and be able to offer greetings in Japanese.


一1 ichi

二2 ni 

三3 san

四4 shi

五5 go


七7 nana/shichi

八8 hachi

九9 kyu

十10 jyu 



Ohayo – good morning

Konnichiwa – hello/good afternoon

Konbanwa – good evening

Oyasumi nasai – goodnight

Sayonara – goodbye

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