May 28, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Fun with clay in the Art room!

We are learning about the 3 S’s when joining pieces of clay together- SCORING#, SLIP, SMOOTH.

Foundation- We are creating garden creatures in terracotta clay- pinch pots & coils.

Grade 1/2- We are making kimono or samurai cats using stoneware clay- 2 pinch pots joined together. Coils for details- eg.

Working with clay!

Working with clay!

IMG_4964 IMG_4934 IMG_4958 IMG_4937 IMG_4949 IMG_4955 IMG_4820 IMG_4823tails, arms & samurai swords.

Grade 3/4- We are investigating the concept of well-being by creating a sculpture that represents an aspect of one of the 4 components of well-being- IMG_4804Physical, Social, Mental, Environmental. Choice of terracotta or stoneware. Use of pinch pots, slabs and coils.

May 27, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Foundation – Colours List

For the rest of the term, Foundation students will be learning to say the colours in Japanese.

Here is a vocab list to help at home.


Aka – red

Ao – blue

Orenji – Orange

Pinku – Pink

Murasaki – Purple

Midori – green

Kiiro – yellow

Shiro – white

Kuro – black

Chairo – brown


May 4, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Happy Japanese Children’s Day 5th May!

Japanese children's day display Thanks to the students that participated in creating this display during art lessons and art club just in time for Japanese Children’s Day.

Traditionally children make Koi Carp Kites in Japan. We have done a mini-version for our school display.

You can view it in the foyer on the school by the staffroom.

A special thanks to Tanya and Diana for helping me to put it together.


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