July 27, 2015
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Origami Lunchtimes

Friday Lunchtimes in the Japanese Room

It has been great to see so many students making paper cranes over the last couple of weeks. So far 125 is the number to beat. Well done Vanessa! To help us raise the number of cranes to one thousand, each Friday lunchtime Elizabeth will be teaching students in the Japanese room how to make origami.

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July 13, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Term 3 Grade 56 Japanese Topics

This term the Grade 56 students will be focusing on developing their speaking skills through the food topic where they will be able to make role plays and cook some traditional Japanese foods. Students will also work on grammar patterns associated with foods and likes, as well as Hiragana Characters.


たべもの – tabemono (food)

のみもの – nomimono (drinks)

ごはん – gohan (rice/meal)

とうふ – tofu (tofu)

くだもの – kudamono (fruit)

やさい – yasai (vegetables)

たまご – tamago (eggs)

さかな – sakana (fish)

とりにく- toriniku (chicken)

うどん – udon (noodles)

すし – sushi (sushi)

さしみ – sashimi (raw fish)



なにですか – nani desu ka (what is that?)

____がすきですか – ga suki desu ka (do you like ____?)

____がすきです – ga suki desu (I like)

____がだいすきです- ga daisuki desu (I love)

あんまり- anmari (not really)

____がすきじゅないです – ga suki jyanai desu (I don’t like)

July 13, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Term 3 Japanese Grade 34 Notes

This term Grade 34 students will be developing their knowledge of Japanese sports and Hiragana Characters by learning their vocabulary and appropriate grammar patterns. Students will be completing role plays as well as using Languages Online resources and the Quizlet program to test their knowledge.

Japanese Sports

からて- Karate (Karate)

じゅうどう – Jyu do (Judo)

すいえい – Suiei (Swimming)

すもう – Sumo (Sumo)

やきゅう – Yakyu (Baseball)

けんどう – Kendo (Kendo)


Non-Japanese Sports

スッポン – Supootsu (Sports)

テニス – Tenisu (tennis)

クリケット – Kuriketto (cricket)

ダンス- Dansu (dance)

サッカー – sakaa (soccer)

フットボール – futto booru (football)

バスケットボール – basuketto booru (basketball)

どんなスッポンがすきですか。- dona supootsu ga suki desuka (Which sports do you like?)

____がすきです。- ga suki desu. (I like ____)



すき – suki (like)

だいすき- daisuki (love)

あんまり- anmari (not really)

すきじゅない – suki jyanai (don’t like)

July 13, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Term 3 Grade 1/2 Japanese Topics

For the first few weeks of Term 3, students will be learning more about classroom instructions by responding to and giving commands in Japanese. Later in the term Grade 1/2 students will also become more familiar with the Japanese vocabulary for classroom objects and stationary and learn to say suitable grammar patterns.

Classroom Instructions
みって- mitte (look)
きって- kite (listen)
よんで – yonde (read)
いって- itte (speak)
すっわて- suwatte (sit down)
たって- tatte (stand up)
やめて – yamete (stop)
てをあげて – te o agete (hands up)
ドアをあけて – doa o akete (open the door)
ドアをしめて– doa o shimete (close the door)
しずかにして – shizukani shite (be quiet)
かいて- kaite (write)
ください – kudasai (please)

ノート- nooto (notebook)
ほん – hon (book)
ふでばこ- fudebako (pencil case)
はさみ – hasami (scissors)
ものさし – monosashi (ruler)
えんぴつ – enpitsu (pencil)
えんぴつけずり– enpitsu kezuri (pencil sharpener)
いろえんぴつ– iro enpitsu (coloured pencils)
けしごむ – keshigomu (eraser)
のり – nori (glue)
ぺん – pen (pen)
______をください – wo kudasai (Can I please have the _______?)
______をかしてください。Wo kashite kudasai (Can I please borrow the _______?)

July 13, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Term 3 Foundation Topics for Japanese

This term will see Foundation students revisiting the Japanese for some prior topics and learning the vocabulary and grammar patterns for pets, animals and some school items. Students will be using the activities on Languages Online and Quizlet to help with their language development.

Kanji Numbers

1一                                                       11十一

2 二                                                      12十二

3三                                                       13十三

4四                                                       14 十四

5五                                                       15 十五

6六                                                       16十六

7七                                                       17 十七

8八                                                       18 十八

9九                                                       19十九

10 十                                                     20 二十


Animals/Pets Vocabulary

いぬ – inu (dog)

ねこ – neko (cat)

うま – uma (horse)

うさぎ – usagi (rabbit)

さかな – sakana (fish)

とり- tori (bird)

もるもと- morumotto (guinea pig)

ぬずみ – nezumi (mouse)

うし – ushi (cow)

たぬき- tanuki (raccoon dog)

つる – tsuru (crane)


Grammar Patterns

なんですか。- nan desu ka (what is this?)

_____です。- desu (It is a ____)

ペットがいますか。- petto ga imasuka (do you have a pet?)

はい、_____がいます。- hai, ___ ga imasu. (yes I have a ___)

いいえ、いません。- iie, imasen. (no I don’t)

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