August 3, 2015
by hwpsspecialists

Japanese Numbers 1-20

Just a reminder that all Foundation students are working hard at the moment to count to twenty in Japanese. Here are all the numbers from one to twenty to help use at home.

1一       ichi                                                11十一     ju ichi

2 二      ni                                                   12十二    ju  ni

3三       san                                                13十三     ju san

4四       shi                                                14 十四     ju shi

5五       go                                                  15 十五    ju go

6六       roku                                              16十六    ju roku

7七        nana                                             17 十七   ju nana

8八        hachi                                            18 十八   ju hachi

9九        ku                                                19十九     ju ku

10 十      ju                                                20 二十   ni ju (2 lots of ten)



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