March 2, 2016
by hwpsspecialists

Art- Term 1 -Foundation

The Foundation students have settled into the art room enthusiastically. I introduced them to Mona Lisa in their first lesson and sent home a sheet to explain how we use her for inspiration when we stop look and listen. The students have found her fascinating.

We have also looked at Picasso’s portraits and the use of line.

We tried really hard to close our eyes and trace around the edge of our face with one finger and use a pastel in the other hand to draw what we could feel without lifting off the page. After that we admired our wild portraits and used oil pastels to colour in each section quite heavily.

In the next lesson we drew shapes and line patterns in the background and used food dye to paint colours over the top for a resist wash. A little bit of science was involved in thinking about the fact that oil and water don’t mix.

Finally we have chosen a frame colour that we  thought suited our painting. and are now in the middle of creating patterns with coloured pasta and matchsticks all around the edges. Our masterpieces are almost ready to be hung up!

IMG_6993 IMG_6994 IMG_6995 IMG_6996 IMG_6997 IMG_6998


The Mona Lisa- this sheet went home with the students in week 2.


Congratulations to all the Foundation students on completing their first piece of primary school art work! The work is displayed in the school foyer and the Foundation classrooms.


Closing our eyes to draw a portrait with a partner to help hold the page still.


A fab Picasso style self portrait done…next draw some line patterns and then do the resist wash of food dye.


Half way there and having fun!


Some of our completed Picasso style masterpieces! Great framing by our fantastic Foundation students!



Pressing nice and hard with the oil pastels to colour each section differently.

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