Wearable Art Fashion Show – Grade 5/6’s


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Assembly fashion show of grade 5/6 team art work

Assembly fashion show of grade 5/6 team art work

Congratulations to all the grade 5/6 fashion teams on their amazing efforts over the past 2 months to create wearable art. You collaborated on your wonderful outfits and learnt to work to a deadline!

Your speeches and modelling at the assembly fashion show made us all proud.

A big thanks to IKEA for donating the lights and batteries for the outfits and the runway.

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  1. So fun & amazing originality! well done.

  2. Thanks for your great feedback Vicki.

  3. This was such an amazing project…well done Melanie for co-ordinating and big congrats to all the kids for all that hard work…what a spectacular result!

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