Foundation T2 Japanese


Students will develop their Japanese language by learning to count to ten, say greetings and the names for colours via songs. They will also learn to recognise and write the kanji symbols for numbers one to ten. Japanese folk tales and festivals will also be explored.


一1 ( e che)                                                 六(roku)

二2 (knee)                                               七7 (nar nar/she che)

三3 (sun)                                                    八8 (ha che)

四4 (she/yon)                                            九9 (q)

五5 (gor)                                                    十10 (jew)


おはよう O hi yo – good morning

こんにちは Kon knee che wa – hello/good afternoon

こんばんは Kon ban wa – good evening

さようなら Sai yor na ra – goodbye

またあした Mar tar arsh ta – till tomorrow


Aka あか– red                                            Kiiro きいろ– yellow

Ao あお– blue                                            Murasaki むらさき– Purple

Orenji オレンジ– Orange                        Kuro くろ– black

Pinku ピンク– Pink                                  Shiro しろ– white

Midori みどり– green                              Chairo ちゃいろ– brown

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