Grade 12 T2 Japanese


For the first few weeks of Term 2, students will learn to ask questions and describe themselves in terms of age and suburb. Later in the term Grade 1/2 students will also be learning more about classroom instructions by responding to and giving commands in Japanese.


なんさいですか。- How old are you? (narn sai des car?)

____さいです。- I am __ years old (____sai des)

六さいです。- I am 6 years old (ro ku sai des)

七さいです。- I am 7 years old (nar nar saides)

八さいです。- I am 8 years old (hass sai des)


どくにすんでいますか。- Where do you live? (dor kor knee sun day e mas car?)

__にすんでいます。- I live in ___ (___ knee sun day e mas)


Classroom Instructions

ください – kudasai (please) – this is added after the command

みって- mitte (look)

きって- kitte (listen)

よんで – yonde (read)

いって- itte (speak)

すっわて- suwatte (sit)

たって- tatte (stand up)

やめて – yamete (stop)

かいて- kaite (write)

てをあげて – te o agete (hands up)

ドアをあけて – doa o akete (open the door)

ドアをしめて– doa o shimete (close the door)

しずかにして – shizukani shite (be quiet)

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