March 3, 2017
by hwpsspecialists

Art snaps- gr 1/2 Matisse Cut outs, Grade 3/4 Zentangle inspired art, Foundation- Japanese “Girls day” Origami Emperors and Empresses’ in a Japanese Building



I have attached links for each of the types of art we are studying. Enjoy!

 Japanese Girls or Dolls day. Click on the dash for the link.


Next up- The foundation students will be doing a collage-painting of their family in a location they love to go to. Please check out their Japanese art in the Foundation classrooms as well as their feelings posters. They drew each other acting out a feeling for their class poster.

Grade 1/2s will be doing Matisse style people by posing for each doing their favourite activity. Some of the art work is on display in the main building by 1/2L and 1/2N.

Grade 3/4s – they have loved learning about art and mindfulness through Zentangle inspired art and will be learning about mandala art.

Grade 5/6s are completing abstract watercolours with a historical local building drawn using 2 point perspective  in fineliner over the top. This connects to their class inquiry unit on Community.  2 Point perspective-




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